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How we started

Established in March 2017, a privately owned company in Malaysia providing Business Ready Solutions, Oslo Consulting started as a Database specialist delivering consultancy and services for data replication technology mission and projects.

Oslo Consulting has since expanded in order to provide now Professional Consulting Services like ERP solutions (SAP, JD Edwards…) and services such as Oracle. Today, our team consists of professionals Oracle, JD Edwards and many more.

We expect to move ahead, expand our area of expertise in order to cover all client needs in term of Data Management, ERP & Digital solutions and Business Process Management

Why Oslo Consulting?

With cloud computing emerging as a paradigm shift in the way we manage our data, it is no surprise that large companies such as ORACLE and SAP has pushed for more enterprises to move from on-going enterprise solutions to a cloud based environment.

Cloud computing enables common resources to to be shared and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world allowing for consistency of data and economies of scale in terms of cost.

The way forward is with the adoption of Business Analytics and Data Warehouse to manage data. In Malaysia, the principal providers often lacks the expertise to migrate legacy data to the proposed customized solutions. This has created a market demand for quality data solution providers to bridge that gap.

OSLO Consulting offers total solutions in not just migrating the data but providing the configuration and implementing the right services unique to your business be it ERP or CRM based.

Our expertise is all about data transfer management, process digitalization, ERP systems implementation globally. We are strong in understand your acute needs and delivering your customized requirements with minimal disruption to get your System Business Ready.

This allows you to focus on what you do best - Growing your Business.

Our Mission

  1. Listen and understand first our clients, their business and their needs in order to provide a unique and tailored service.
  2. Deliver an excellent consulting service to all our clients, serve different businesses, in Malaysia but also in Asia, Europe and Americas.
  3. Build a strong and close partnership with all our clients in respect to our core values.
  4. Be one of the leading service provider in Information Systems Management and Data Modernizing solutions, with a focus on helping customers to manage one of their most critical assets – data.
  5. Always adapt our organization in order to meet the challenging transformation of our society

Our Core Values

We believe those core values are necessary to provide an excellent service to our clients

  • Integrity - Delivering the best service require from us a high commitment to basic rules like respect, honesty and integrity
  • Trust - Delivering the best service to our clients need entire trust in both ways
  • Professionalism - Delivering the best service to our clients require from us a high sense of professionalism. We always make sure the service we provide match perfectly to our client requirements
  • Passion - We cannot deliver the best service without having passion in our job. We always make sure all our team members are driven first with passion

Our Vision

To become the best leading service provider in Information Systems Management in Malaysia

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